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Maeng da is a variety of kratom which is known to be the strongest kratom strain available in the market today. It originated from Thailand, thus the term ‘maeng da’ which is loosely translated in English as ‘pimp’ or ‘pimp’s kratom’.
The normal kratom leaf is dark green with smooth edges while the typical maeng da leaf is also very green in color but has jagged edges. The potency of maeng da is unmatched when compared to other expensive kratom extracts. The maeng da is known to be both a stimulant and a depressant but with a slightly distinctive effect. It is most recognized for its strong stimulating and energizing effects even at low doses. This makes maeng da popular for a lot of users because it is said to be more economical. It only requires a small dose in order for them to achieve the effects desired. On the other hand, it is also said that this strain is less euphoric. The effects tend to have a shorter duration when compared to other Premium Thai strains.
Due to the high potency of maeng da, it is said to be a genetically altered strain of kratom. This has not been completely proven. Nevertheless, the maeng da looks no different from the other high quality kratom such as the Private Reserve Kratom or the Thai Kratom. One significant discovery about maeng da is that it contains more mitragynine than the other high quality kratoms. Mitragynine is the most active and prominent alkaloid which is contained in kratom. It is specifically because of these alkaloid contents that’s why kratoms are very much in demand. Kratom also contains several flavonoids.
The kratom leaves when dried, can be smoked, powdered, made into a tea, chewed or turned into an extract. Maeng da kratom’s fresh leaves are traditionally mixed with betel nuts and chewed.
The maeng da leaves, when chewed, have been noted to give an aphrodisiac effect on a person and it has been used to increase stamina for sexual activity. Some describe the effects as chewing cocoa leaves while smoking opium. Ironically enough, kratom is medicinally used to stop withdrawal symptoms of those recovering from opium addiction.

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